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A Review of Target’s Fall Designer Collection

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This weekend, Target released a new designer collection for Fall featuring apparel & accessories from Rachel Comey, Victor Glemaud, Sandy Liang and Nili Lotan.  As with any Target collaboration there’s the good, the bad and the just plain fugly on the racks.  Although much of the collection has already sold out online at, and is now on eBay, there’s still plenty of inventory on the racks at my local Target store. Prices for the range of  fall fashions from $15-$80 USD.  The collection is available in both Women’s and Women’s Plus sizes from XXS-4X.

The Must-Haves for Fall Fashion: Value for Price

So what’s worth a look in this collection? There’s a lot of what I call “cozy chic” lounge wear for the new work from home workforce. You’ll find fleece pullovers in bright patterns, oversized puffer coats, and patterned pants and tops.

Here are of few of my favorites that deliver value for price.

The high-rise high rise flair jeans from Nili Lotan are comfortable, good looking and reasonably priced at $55.00. I’ve seen similar styles priced at $365.00.  This is very 1960’s styled jean in my opinion, with the side flair, bell bottom and side buttons these are great looking with fall boots or heels.  You need a bit of height (boots or pumps)  to rock these due to the long, lean silhouette and the wide legged look.  This pair Nili Lotan x Target flare jeans is very comfortable due to the fabric blend of 98% cotton with 2% spandex for a bit of stretch.  If you’re looking for a great pair of fall jeans, I recommend these.

Rachel Comey x Target Red Dress

Women’s Floral Print Volume 3/4 Sleeve Dress – Rachel Comey x Target Red Dress

The online pictures of the Rachel Comey Empire Waist dress with the red poppies don’t do the  flower print on the dress justice. The dress is much better looking in person, than in the online pictures on  This Rachel Comey dress with its blend of rayon and polyester be worn year round.  The fit is relaxed and a comfortable dress for the upcoming holiday season as you can dress it up with jewelry or keep it casual and simple. There’s also a denim version of the dress, although I didn’t see it in store. With it empire waist, it’s  very Jane Austen 2.0.

Crossbody Bag - Rachel Comey x Target

Floral Print Magnetic Closure Dome Flap Crossbody Bag – Rachel Comey x Target Black

If you’re looking to accessorize the dress, or just looking for a lightweight Fall/Winter handbag check out the Rachel Comey x Target crossbody bag. The gold chain on the bag makes it look like a more expensive designer bag.  The polyester fabric will fair well in the cold, rainy and soon to be snowy Fall weather. Priced at $30.00, this is a good handbag invention because it’s lightweight, easy to carry and somewhat weather resistant.

The Women’s Leopard Print Long Sleeve Tie-Front Blouse from the Nili Lotan x Target Brown looked great online, but it was sold-out by the time I got to the store.

Other item that looked promising online, but that I didn’t see in-store were the sunglasses from the Victor Glemaud x Target  collections.

Target Fall Fashion Misses: The Sherpa Look

Sandy Liang Women's Leopard Print Sherpa Hooded

The Sandy Liang Women’s Leopard Print Sherpa Hooded Sweatshirt with Gingham Accessories

The collection features a number of oversized puffer jackets, pullover’s and the sherpa jackets seem completely over the top and more suited to a camping expedition than fall fashion.  And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I saw the combination of the printed sherpa sweatshirt with a gingham dress and bag– this is to be avoided.  The black and white spotted jacket is $60.00.  The blue gingham dress is priced at $50.00, which is an outrageous price for an oversized shirt of very thin fabric.

Floral Print Sherpa Jacket - Sandy Liang x Target

The print on the Women’s Floral Print Sherpa Jacket – Sandy Liang x Target Black/Pink

The flowered pink print on the Sandy Liang Sherpa Jacket is overpowering when you see it up close. Priced at $50.00 there are more understated and wearable jacket pieces for that price at Nordstrom Rack. Some people might love the flower print on this one, but you have to try it on to really judge it.

Women's Cropped Pea Coat - Nili Lotan x Target Navy

Women’s Cropped Pea Coat – Nili Lotan x Target Navy priced at $55.00

There’s a nicely designed short pea-coat in the collection by Nili Lotan, but sadly the fabrication is poor. The Women’s Cropped Pea Coat – Nili Lotan x Target Navy is now sold-out online. The mix of low grade wool with polyester in this coat is going to pick up every stray bit of lint or pet hair. I predict there will be returns of this item and the longer navy coat to Target stores. If you fancy a pea coat, you’ll find a better quality for the price at Nordstrom Rack.  There’s no need to buy a lint magnet pea coat from Target for Fall!

Overall, I found this  Target Fall Designer collaboration to offer more misses than hits.  The faux leather items are dreadful–pleather at it’s worst. Avoid. Although some of these sold-out on line today, I predict they will be returned and eventually end up on a clearance rack at Target after a few weeks.  Shop wisely readers!



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