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Affordable at Home Beauty Care: Arcona Spa Raspberry Resurfacing Peel

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Before undergoing foot surgery in January, I stocked up on a few beauty products.  I thought having some good beauty products on hand might help me get some much needed  pampering. I knew I wouldn’t be walking anywhere for awhile, let alone a spa. I purchased Arcona Spa Raspberry Resurfacing Peel  as part of Arcona’s Winter Skin Remedy package. I have to tell you in a on this beauty treatment–it’s a good deal and it really works.  I found it easy to use. The peel produces powerful results.  I liken it to getting an enzyme facial at a spa.  The product contains mandelic, lactic and malic acids, which are powerful enough to exfoliate the skin and improve the circulation.   I used this Raspberry peel bi-weekly for an at home power facial and was very pleased with the results.  It does tingle a bit, but the gel is not uncomfortable.  I put it on in the evening and watched a little TV while it worked on my skin.  After about 20 minutes, I washed it off with warm water.  I have to admit, I was worried about whether or not I could do this on my own without  a spa visit, but this is an easy home treatment that produces immediate results.  And it smells good, like raspberries.  An added plus is the fact that the product is a natural treatment. According to Arcona the product contains no “fillers, chemical stabilizers, artificial colors, emulsifiers, petro-chemicals, animal bi-products or drying alcohols.”

I’m telling you about this now, because Arcona is now offering a great deal on this product. If you buy it as part of Arcona’s Winter Skin Remedy kit, on sale now for $45.00 US, you also get the Raspberry Triad pads (terrific for make-up removal when you’re tired) plus the Peptide Hydrating Complex (moisturizer). The remedy kit normally retails for over $80.00,so this is a good savings. The Arcona Spa Raspberry Peel on it’s own usually costs $68.00. The products in the remedy kit are not trial sizes, they are full sizes.  So, if you need a little pampering, I do recommend this package. Please note, I paid for this one, it was not given to me, and I am not paid to write this review.   I just think its a good deal that works.  Look for Arcona Spa products on sale at Nordstrom.  Not that all the Arcona Spa products are top rated by Nordstrom customers.


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