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Beauty Product Tips from Make-up Artist Jamie Greenberg

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Jamie Greenberg makeup

Make-up artist Jamie Greenberg shows off her MarkGirl Statement Necklace

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Simply Stylist conference in Los Angeles at the Grove. One of the highlights of the conference was the breakout session about Beauty and Make-up with a demonstration by expert Jamie Greenberg.  Ms. Greenberg showed her make-up artistry techniques on a model and showed how a transform  from plain to glamourous in a few easy steps.  Make-up artistry fascinates me because if you learn the right techniques, you can really transform your face to make cheekbones look higher, eyes look bigger or lips look fuller in just minutes.  In contrast, transforming your body with weight-loss takes much, much longer.  Ms. Greenberg started making-up her model  at the Simply Stylist demonstration by applying hydration serum, before applying make-up.   Then she applied primer, foundation and under eye concealer.  Once the model’s skin was “primed” she moved on to applying blush, mascara and lip color.   To help our readers get the look at home,  Jamie Greenberg shared with The Recessionista the contents of her make-up kit. It’s a surprising combination of pricey and affordable brands.   Here are the brands Ms. Greenberg keeps on hand.

  • Chanel hydration serum priced at over $100.00, this is the most expensive product in Jamie Greenberg’s make-up kit. You might be able to score this product on eBay to save money if you’re interesting in trying it. This product has received good reviews from users and is known for high-performance hydration. Most surprisingly, one of the product key ingredients is Chanel’s trademark flower, the camellia, which contains an active nourishing ingredient.
  • Josie Maran under eye product
  • By Terry Rose lip balm. This unique product, which I haven’t tried contains “rose wax” for moisturizing skin. This product is applied before putting on lipstick to hydrate and pump the lips.   The retails price is $59.00, but according to Jamie Greenberg you only need to dab on a small amount for it to be effective, so a little can go a long way.
  • Mark on the Dot  Eye Colors from Avon Mark Girl.  This is a nice compact size assortment of several different eyeshadow colors reasonably priced at $16.00 US.
  • Urban Decay Eye Primer
  • Smash Box Primer (I’ve used the Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer with great results. It really makes the skin look smooth and the pigmentation look even.  It’s very good if you’re having professional photos taken or even if you’re doing selfies.

Avon's Mega Effects

Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara with “Wonderbrush Applicator”

  •  Avon Mega Effects Mascara for defined eyes.  This unusual mascara (which I have tried) is applied with a unique looking applicator that resembles a small paint brush. The product’s “Wonderbrush”  applicator seems to provide a fuller coat to lashes versus the smaller wire brush applicator many mascaras have. It just takes a little coordination to get used to this brush, since it is different than most mascara applicators (see picture.)
  •  Individual Lashes (individual false eyelashes that you apply one by one instead of on a strip)
  •  Clarions Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch make-up base & primer.  Ms. Greenberg recommends this for minimizing big pores.
  •  Giorgio Armani “Luminous Silk foundation.  This is a more expensive product priced at $62.00.  However, this product has received good receives for providing smooth coverage and minimizing fine lines & wrinkles.
  •  Mark  (from Avon )” Got the Goods” foundation.  This foundation is more affordably priced at $18.00 and Ms. Greenberg raves about Mark from Avon’s overall good quality for price.  For under $20.00 this foundation packs a punch of good ingredients containing “orange and lemon extracts, super fruits rich in vitamin C and sources of alpha hydroxy acid, a natural exfoliator, as well as willow bark, a super food known to make skin look firmer and tighter and to improve skin’s tone and elasticity.”  I haven’t used Mark cosmetics, but after hearing Jamie Greenberg endorse this brand, I am going to add this to my make-up kit.
  •  Mac Brush for Foundation using a brush applicator to smooth foundation after you apply it with your fingertips provides an more even finish and blends the foundation more effectively.
  •  Prep and Prime Cc Cream from Mac this primer is a skin “enhancer” that helps to blur and conceal imperfections.

For more tips from  Jamie Greenberg check out her YouTube Channel “Jamie Greenberg Make-up.”   There are over 70 videos on the channel that you can watch for free and learn professional make-up tips from.  Now that’s a good deal!  After listening to Jamie Greenberg’s make-up tips, I’m also checking out Mark Girl’s video channel to learn how to use their affordable make-up line.


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