Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping: Back from the Store Wars

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Black Friday BUYAGRA custom pillow

So we headed out at 4:35 am this morning loaded up with Buyagra. Buyagra is the potent stimulant found in Black Friday ads & circulars. I am here to attest that it does indeed increase the potency and duration of a shopping spree. Today’s Black Friday lines looked like a big win for retailers. Lines at Walmart & ToysRUs were around the block. Inside it was chaos. We struggled through the crowds at Walmart at 5: 15 am to try to get the Ninetendo & the Wii. We could not even get close! That’s how thick the lines were. It was jammed packed. Instead of the games, we got some of the kids door buster specials and some of the smaller toy items. By 5:30 am we were off to ToyRUs. The lines there were horrific and a local TV crew was out shooting the whole experience. Shoppers jammed the aisles lined up to get the door busters. The items were available but the lines were so, so, long. People were lined up all the way around the store to get to the registers to purchase. At that point we just couldn’t take it any more. We would’ve been in that line for 90 minutes if we had chosen to stay. We made a judgement call to cut bait & run. Toys R Us was just too much in terms of the line. And, we saw several people sleeping in their cars all night who had obviously done a campout. My hat is off to these shoppers. Clearly they had taken extra Buyagra 🙂
Our story has a happy ending. We made a stop at Starbucks at 6: 15 am to refuel. After that, it was off to a kinder, gentler Black Friday experience at Target. We found the games we wanted and a couple of other items on the kids list. And best of all, Target rewarded us with a gift certificate of $10.00 for shopping there today.
So all is well that ends well. The rest of the shopping will be done in less crowded stores or online. For those of you getting ready to head out, take your coffee & your comfy shoes. Its a jungle out there!

For those of you done with the in-store shopping for awhile, here is one more online shopping special.

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