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Online Holiday Shopping: Here We Go Again!

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Every Picture Tells a Story: Black Friday in-store chaos vs. Online Shopping
Two days later, and I am still in Black Friday detox. It was horrible. See the above picture from my camera phone for documentation. I didn’t buy anything for myself, all I did was hunt & forage for children’s gifts and toys. It was completely exhausting. Truly sur le pied de guerre (on a war footing as the French say).
This morning, I’m bandaging my wounds and returning to a little fashion shopping online. I’m pleased to say I have made a great discovery: Bisou Bisou for JC Penney (Jean-Claude Pennee as I prefer to call it 🙂 I purchased the above top on sale from this am. Best of all, I received a further discount of $9.00 for using a coupon code for JCP. How good is that? For those of you who don’t know, Bisou Bisou is a high-end boutique clothing brand by Michele Bohbot. Here in Los Angeles, Bisou Bisou has a lovely store off of Rodeo Drive. I adore their clothing, the designs and the patterns are beautiful. However, when the economic plunge began, I gave up the trips to Bisou, and even window shopping there. Prior to Black Friday & the holiday rush, I had never checked out their line for JCP. Well, I finally got around to it, and I have to tell you, its really cute! The wait may have been very worthwhile, since the JCP Bisou line is now onsale. And that’s when a Recessionista (aka frugalista) points and clicks for true value. I can’t wait to receive the shirt and wear it around town, knowing that I have an affordable Bisou Bisou. (And one that is machine washable too! )
Looking around the web this morning, most retailers are offering nice online discounts. They are extending their holiday shopping from Black Friday through the weekend straight to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the mecca of online shopping, the day the online savings kick-in for the holidays. If you’re looking around the web this morning, you might want to take a look at the Cyber Monday website showing all the deals. This great site features not just deals, but also coupons. And those coupons come in very handy for additional savings as I learned when going to the site. Even is offering a 20% discount on “little luxuries” for Cyber Monday shopping. To check out the full array of Cyber Monday values, visit the web. You just might finds some good values out there.
Good luck & good shopping my Recessionistas!

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