Crocs Holiday Stance: Fewer Coupons for the Holiday Season

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For many of my friends, and my little niece, colorful Crocs are their favorite shoes.  I just bought my first pair of Crocs at the Outlets at Orange, and I am loving them.  I wouldn’t wear them everywhere, but I enjoy them for running errands and going to the Gym.  Because the shoes are so popular, I was surprised to read a Reuters article stating that Crocs has decided not to offer a wide array holiday discounts.  That’s right frugal Croc lovers, there will be fewer coupons for you this holiday season.  Why?  “Last year we ran about 58 different type of promotions to different groups in our database … this year it will be more like 20,” Chief Executive John McCarvel told Reuters.” (Promotions are) hard to manage, consumers get confused (and) think everything is on sale all the time, which isn’t the case,” McCarvel said.”This year we will be focused on better programs that last a little bit longer.”

So what’s new for Crocs this winter season to boost the brand’s sale without discounting? Look for fur-lined products, rainy day boots plus a new retro line of clogs.  What do you think readers? Do fur lined Crocs at full retail price sound appealing?  I must say , the philosophy of Crocs regarding coupons is interesting as the Black Friday deals are already being posted online.


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