Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our new site, The Recessionista

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The new logo for The Recessionista®, a homage to Chanel.

Yes, you’re in the right place.  Welcome to our new site! Since 2008 when The Recessionista was discovered by The New York Times as “A Label for a Pleather Economy“,  the site and our traffic have steadily grown.  We’ve gone from a blogspot to a dot com, and now to a complete new design with a new logo.  Our new logo pays homage to Chanel’s simple “little black dress.”  We think the little black dress is the essential garment for recessionistas. A great little black dress can take you anywhere.

As Reuters noted, “Recessionistas are in, fashionistas out in a bad economy.”   Thanks to all of our loyal readers for reading the blog and now website for the last four years.  Despite competitors from bigger companies and TV personalities offering similar sites (sometime with the same brand name) our traffic continues to surge.  Because of that, we’re relaunching The Recessionista today with streamlined navigation and new sections (Travel, Wine/Food and Beauty.) The new site offers more pages and enhanced images.  I hope you enjoy the new site. Thank you for your loyalty and readership over the past four years.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  I’m thankful to each of you for reading and for continuing to make The Recessionista a success.


Since 2008, Mary Hall has been the author of The Recessionista Blog, which is read by thousands of regular readers in over 160 countries. An internationally recognized expert on the art of the living the good life for less, she has been a commentator on local, national, and international radio and TV shows. Her advice has been featured in over 2,000 media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters, Life & Style magazine, ABC News, NBC News and now The Huffington Post, among many others.