The Eternal Quest for CocoLess: Vintage Chanel Sale

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If you are a regular reader of The Recessionista, then you know, I have er, a little Chanel problem. The problem is my lust for the luxury of Chanel fashion without the luxury price tag.  Of course, Chanel did say that luxury should remain invisible, but when it depletes your bank account and leads to excess spending, it is hard to not see it.  Lately, I have been very successful picking up vintage Chanel pins and clothing items at auctions and consignment stores.  One of the reason I love Chanel is that her designs transcend time.  Her fashions are timeless.  Her little black dress from the 1920s still works today.   Because of the quality with which the items are made, vintage Chanel and pre-owned Chanel usually withstands the test of time. The pieces age very well, almost as if they were dipped in the fountain of fashion youth.

 Pictured: A recent Chanel purchase of mine, a vintage 1984 Chanel pin, purchased at auction for under $150.00.

Because of my eternal quest for Chanel for less, which I call living CocoLess, I am excited to report that online shopping club Rue La La is partnering with Madison Avenue Couture for an exclusive boutique offering an assortment of new and barely used vintage Chanel apparel, footwear, handbags, jewelry and accessories. Rue La La will bring the sale  live to its members this Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. ET.  The boutique will run for 48 hours, where members can enjoy prices up to 70% off retail. If you are not already a member of Rue La La, you might want to sign up, so you are ready to cruise the sale on Thursday.  Click here to use my invite if you are not already a member.  Unfortunately, the sale is only open to US residents.

Here’s a little sneak preview from Rue La La of the items on the sale:

    * Chanel Vintage Black Leather and Satin Camellia-Shape Evening Bag with chain strap
    * Chanel Taupe Lambskin Ruffled Vest with black net lining and logo buttons
    * Chanel White Silk Mini Dress with Black Camellia “Confetti” allover appliqué

In the interests of full disclosure, I also get a shopping credit at Rue La La  if you sign-up and buy something from my invitation.  You also get shopping credits if you join and invite your friends. This is the power of aggregate buying.  When we buy as a community, everyone saves.  Even on Coco Chanel!


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