How to Shop Guide to Maison Martin Margiela For H&M

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MM Blue Dress

Pictured: My favorite piece from Maison Martin Margiela For H&M.

It’s boring at this point to write about how to shop the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M due in select stores on Nov. 15th.  You know the drill. Get in line early, wear a wristband and wait for the fashion cattle call.  Fifteen minutes after the H&M opens, the collection will usually be sold out and on sale on eBay. Or will it? Anna Dello Russo was a bit out of the fashion mainstream and not an immediate sell-out.  I think that  Maison Martin Margiela could go the same way.  It’s hard to say if there somewhat quirky designs will appeal to the shopping masses, especially at 8 am on Nov. 15th, because that means you need to be at H&M when it’s still dark outside, right? You know to get in the line/queue. To get clothes at H&M.  Right.  Below are the rules for shopping the collection. I lost the plot frankly when I read the bit that says,” the first 420 people in line will be given a colored bracelet.”  My brain just turned off.

how to shop Martin

Pictured: The H&M shopping rules for Maison Martin Margiela

Sorry darlings, it’s getting a little too cold for this shopper to be out standing in line, but if you go, let me know what you find, and all the best of luck. Our shopping sisters in Europe can shop online, which doesn’t seem quite fair, now does it? For some insight on what to pick from the collection,  check my Maison Martin Margiela for H M Pinterest board.


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