The Recessionista Reviews Zac Posen for Target

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Pictured: My local Target, freshly stocked with  Zac Posen today.

In case you haven’t heard, Zac Posen’s Target collection is in stores today.  Armed with extra strength Java, I headed out to my local store to check out the goods.  Many of the dresses (included the ones I found posted early via the web) had already sold out by 7 am PST, but there was plenty on the racks at my local store. Here’s what I saw on the racks, tried on and liked for delivery style + value. Regarding the sizing, not everything runs small, that is a bit of misinformation in my opinion. The bottom line is that some dresses are cut to be form fitting and really skim the body.  These are the safety-pin gown, the snap tape dress, and the two piece ruffled dress.  For those pieces, I would say, yes, experiment with the sizes.  I heard women in store saying they had to size up in those styles.  The rest of the collection is more true to size, and you don’t have to be a size 0, 2 or 4 to look good in the clothes.

 Pictured: The Zac Posen Snape Tape Dress is one of the more form fitting pieces, it’s also quite short.

First up, if you are getting ready for prom, good news, some of these dresses will be great for you.  A good value is actually the two piece ruffled dress. Although it’s priced at $80.00 it’s really a 2 for 1.  The skirt with the little ruffles is detachable from the straight lined, strapless, boned bodice dress.  I preferred the dress in black with the midnight blue detachable skirt, as the two colors together were striking. The dress also comes in red.  If you can wear it, or have something to wear it to, this is a good looking dress.  Here’s the inside of the dress held by helpful fashionista Stacie.

Here’s the same dress with the detachable midnight blue ruffled skirt attached.

Pictured: The two piece dress, with the detachable midnight blue ruffle skirt on.  Price $79.99 US.

I liked the Safety Pin dress, but I don’t have the occasion to wear a dress with a full train like that.  Also, the print does look a little louder in person. You have to be bold to carry it off.  Again, it might make a very cool prom dress, or special evening out dress.  It is already sold out on line.   I bought the scarf with the saftey pin print on a cream background for $24.99.  I think it’s a good way to sport some color, and dress up an existing wardrobe piece.   I liked the Tie Dye Tack dress, but I felt it was too much like a swimsuit cover-up or a big tee shirt.  As for the Chambray Blue tie dress, I have no words. Ditto the Chambray Bermuda Shorts. Nothing special there.

For my own wardrobe, I  bought the Black Sweater Dress because I like the off-the shoulder style, and the flattering fit. You can be a little curvy , and this will still be flattering in my opinion.  Also, for $50.00, you will get more wear out of this Little Black Dress that the gown, the two piece dress, or the Floral Print Brocade dress.  The Sweater Dress can be dressed up with good pearls or great costume jewelry for a very rich look. The off-the shoulder neckline is what makes it distinctive, and it really reflects Posen’s style and higher end designs.  For the same reason, I bought the Tuxedo Body Suit in black & white knit.  I love the flattering fit, and it will go nicely with the Stella McCartney Tuxedo Jacket already hanging in my closet.

Pictured: This tuxedo body suit looks much better in person than online.  It looks more like a sweater, than a top and is sweater weight. It’s already sold out on

The Polka Dot Print dress is darling with the bright trim around the seams for accent. It’s just a bit low cut, and short, so it’s a matter of personal taste. The Sailor Dresses are attractive, but probably not for everyone.  No surprise, they look very different on the rack than they do in pictures of it worn by Nicky Hilton 🙂 The colors are bold, and the edge stitching around the neckline is a zig-zag surge stitch.  Personally, that is not for me. Although I like the design of the neckline, and flutter sleeves, I’m not wild about the print and the way it’s made. Although it’s only $39.99,  you can find more attractive designer dresses, for that price.

Pictured: The top of the Sailor Print Dress.

I did like a lot of the tops and shirt in the collection, especially the Polka Dot Print Pleated shirt ( I just don’t want to iron it!)  I didn’t buy the tees, as I didn’t like the mark of Zoro big Z branding on them.  I don’t like to wear the designer’s logo/label on my chest. They got my money, I don’t need to be a walking billboard too: )  On the swimsuits, they are er, interesting.  With the exception of the Gold Halter suit, the fabric is pretty skimpy.  The other one piece swimsuits are cut low in the front, and down to the crack in the back. For me, these are not suits you really want to swim in. Too bad, because I liked the tie-dye print.

 Pictured: The Red Moto Red Leather Jacket with lots of Zippers is approximately $200.00.

Finally, on the Red Leather Jacket, I just don’t know.  The piece is cut small, and it is priced at $199.99, the top price in the collection.  I have a problem paying that much for anything from Target. The Tuxedo jacket, pants and Brocade Floral Dress were not on display at my local Target.  If you saw them, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  My fellow shopper Stacie had gotten the Brocade Floral Dress and thought it was pretty great, even though it was almost $80.00. (later, I heard from her via Twitter that the zipper on that dress was difficult to pull up. Watch for the zipper ease on that dress.)

Bottom line, there are some good pieces (and some misses) in the Zac Posen for Target collection.  The prices are higher than some of the  previous collections, but it’s certainly more inventive and better made than you might expect.  Especially given the quality of some Target Go collections.  Just be mindful when you do your shopping that you are not impulse buying, just because it’s Zac Posen and he is a fashion rock star.  Not everything here is going to work for you, or be something you will wear regularly.


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