Zac Posen Target Advance Web Peak: Early Listings Online

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Pictured: This Zac Posen Polka Dress is already online with a price $39.99

I’ve been getting some reader mail and Tweets today about the Zac Posen for Target collection.  There is definitely a lot of enthusiasm from readers looking to snag some Zac for less.  I haven’t seen any of the pieces yet, so I will be at my local Tar-jay in the am to get a first look like the rest of you! I don’t live in NYC, so I was not able to attend the pop-up show.   Here is what I know about the line, plus a few tips to help you get what you want, from a web savvy fashionista moi.

Call me intrepid, but some pieces like the Polka-Dot Print Dress are already, say we say, discoverable online.  A few Google searches, and there they are, along with reader reviews. Google, is a fashion CIA.  Wonder how it happens  that there are already user reviews posted when the stuff is not yet available to the public on The  first review from user name “Love the Bullseye does sound real.  It’s just odd that it’s already there. The reader review from this user on the Polka Dot Dress confirms what I have heard from shoppers in NY, sizing for the line run small and hemlines are high.  Some bloggers advised that you should order up a size, as your regular size may not fit. The dress is not available yet for order, but the description notes in will be in 2 weeks.  This may be a place holder until the final web page goes up later. 🙂 Watch this space.

Also already online is the Safety Pin Gown,with surprise, and another early review by Target user “Love the Bullseye. She says,” This is a full-length evening dress with tailoring similar to Zac Posen’s couture gowns. It has a very sexy, slinky, figure-hugging fit with a slight flare at the bottom of the skirt, and a small train in back. The shape of the shoulder straps helps balance out your figure if you are a little pear shaped like me, and the keyhole opening in back draws the eye upwards. The pattern is fun and unexpected. The cons: It runs a little small and is not very forgiving in the hip area. Plus it’s a little long; I’m 5’5″ and it drags on the floor in the back. But I put it on and my husband said “wow!”, so I’m keeping it! It’s that great.’ ” Again, I have to wonder how she was able to leave such an early review, when the online listings are not well known yet. Very detailed too.

Pictured: The bodice of the Zac Posen for Target Floral Brocade Print Dress features a zipper at the bust.  It’s strange that the zipper is placed to the side of the bow. The price is $74.99.

If you search for reviews by “Love the Bullseye”,  you’ll see she also gave an early review on the Brocade Print Floral Dress, noting that she loves the dress, but ,“The only weird thing about this dress is that there is a functional zipper over the right bust. Can’t say I really have a use for breastfeeding formal wear, but whatever. It’s a small complaint on an otherwise gorgeous dress.”   Yeah, that is pretty wierd Bullseye lover.

Look for the rest of the collection to show up online around 3 am EST.  If fact, I just checked and its all there (12:45 am PST/3:45 am EST).  Some items can be ordered now, but won’t ship for two weeks. In store, look for it at Target’s around the US about 8 am.  Prices on this collection are slightly higher than previous collections, so I’ll be interested to see the quality.  More later.  Bon soir fashionistas!

PS, if you’re looking for the Tuxedo Jacket, click here.


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