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In the build up to London Fashion Week, the always innovative SKEYNDOR skincare laboratories developed new products designed to lift and replenish the skin, without harsh chemical or injectables. On  a recent trip to London, I had the opportunity to stop by the The Peak Health Club & Spa at Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London’s for a facial by SKEYNDOR ethesicians.  If you haven’t been to the Peak Health Club,  and you’re looking for good skincare in London, I recommend trying a SKEYNOR facial.  The Peak Health Club & Spa, in fashionable Knightsbridge near Cadogan Gardens, is  the first spa in the UK to offer the new Timeless Prodigy skincare products and treatment from revolutionary Spanish skincare brand SKEYNDOR.


The SKEYNDOR  facial (image via SKEYNDOR)

Available exclusively in central London at The Peak Health Club and Spa, the Timeless Prodigy range offers the most advanced anti-ageing technology ever to be formulated in a SKEYNDOR product.  It includes a serum, a cream and an exclusive facial treatment. How exclusive is this treatment and this magic facial? Well, only 10 other UK outlets outside of central London will be offering the Timeless Prodigy line.

The Magic Ingredients in Timeless Prodigy

What’s so special about Timeless Prodigy? Made with more than 25 active ingredients to high concentrations and endorsed by over 130 clinical studies, Timeless Prodigy combines three aesthetic rejuvenation processes:

  • Cell Genesis Activators – substances that increase the number of cells, such as damask rose stem cells from France.
  • Cell Quality Perfectors – substances such as white truffle extract from Italy’s Piedmont region that protect and restore cell quality and delay their entry into the senescence.
  • Cell Functionality Enhancers – substances that enhance the activity of cells, such as kombucha tea.

The Timeless Prodigy facial costs £220 or approximately $275.00 US for a 90-minute treatment and includes:

  • A welcome, holistic ritual inspired by the techniques of Thai massage, Shiatsu and energy rebalancing to treat neck, shoulders, hands and feet and to promote deep relaxation and well being.
  • A detoxifying massage using lymphatic drainage techniques and a champagne jelly elixir to purify the skin of urban pollutants.
  • Application of a revitalizing, hydrating and regenerating concentrate of damask rose stem cells and natural growth factors to reduce the effects of biological ageing.
  • A 3D collagen mesh mask for face and neck to stimulate collagen and firm the skin.
  • A final application of a rich white truffle extract cream which is able to activate more than 40,000 anti-ageing genes, as well as illuminating, moisturizing and redensifying the skin.

The treatment is extremely pampering and a great stress relief.  I enjoyed getting the Timeless Prodigy Facial, it is way beyond a usual facial with more intense cleansing and then intense hydration. The facial massage helps to move toxins out of the body and is followed by the application of the jelly elixir to rejuvenate the skin at a deep cellular level.  If you’re traveling for London from the US, it’s a great way to minimize the effects of jet lag and literally give the skin a boost.

Timeless Prodigy Skeyndor

The Timeless Prodigy Skincare line from SKEYNDOR.

Skincare at Home with Timeless Prodigy Products

If you want to spa at home, you can buy the Timeless Prodigy Line to use at home.  Look for these products at spas that sell the line or online at the SKEYNDOR website.

The Timeless Prodigy cream protects, repairs and restructures the skin’s outer layers.  With a rich texture and silky application, the cream is ideal for providing care and comfort to more demanding dry and very dry mature skins.  50ml costs £155.

The Timeless Prodigy serum is suitable for all skin types with a comfortable, velvety texture and light application.  Providing long-lasting softness and hydration to the skin, the serum gives a luminous finish. The application is completely non-invasive and offers a natural lift.

In addition to its eight treatment rooms, The Peak Health Club & Spa features a state-of-the art gym with stunning views across Knightsbridge, 20-metre indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, two fitness studios offering more than 70 classes a week, a full suite of personal training options and The Club Room lounge for post-workout drinks or a nutritious bite.

For more information on The Peak Health Club & Spa or to book a treatment, call +44 (0)207 858 7300 or visit  Follow The Peak Health Club & Spa on Twitter @PeakHealthClub.  For more information on SKEYNDOR, visit the SKEYNDOR website.


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