QVC wants to know: Are you ready to go back to Titanic?

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Pictured: Titanic salvage items included jewelry and perfume, now reproduced by QVC.

It’s been almost 100 years since the Titanic sunk in the north Atlantic, inspiring novels, big box office movies and of course replicas of items found on board for the legions of collectors.  When the ship was actually salvaged from the ocean floor, many items were brought back up for museum exhibits around the world. Plates, jewelry and even perfumes were well preserved in the time capsule of the sunken ship.  Now QVC has launched a few pieces of jewelry and a perfume based on items that were found. Some of the pieces now on sale include a ring, a cuff and a key necklace.  The full collection will launch on April 6th, to remember the 100 year anniversary of the ill fated ship. One of the most striking items in the collection is a Titanic White Topaz &1/10cttw Diamond Sterling Ring priced at about $170.00 US.

The ring is based on a handmade, platinum, 18K gold, and diamond ring that was probably owned by one of the Titanic’s first class passengers. You know nobody is steerage owned this rock 🙂   The design of the ring is typically opulent Edwardian, as opulent and over the top as Titanic was. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful piece.   I’m sure Titanic collectors will go wild for this one.  Most fascinating, QVC has recreated a perfume from the sample perfume oils developed by German-born chemist Adolphe Saalfeld that were found in the ruins of the ship.  Poor Mr. Saalfeld got into the lifeboat without his precious perfume vials.  They were found in the ship’s wreckage, and according to QVC, his samples still retained their fragrance. From those samples, the 1912 Legacy perfume was created for QVC.   Apparently, QVC is only accepting advance orders now for the perfume (shipping in July.)  However, according to comments from a happy customer, samples of the perfume are being sent out with QVC orders to customers.  One customer who received a sample, left a rave review of it.   I’ve asked QVC for a sample , and hope to receive it soon.  Dik Barton a salvage expert working with RMS Titanic Inc. describes the fragrance as “flowery, reminiscent of lavender and roses.”  Sounds like a typical Edwardian perfume.  Edwardian ladies loved flowers, witness the scents developed by Coty and Floris during the 1910s.  QVC is sending me a sample of the perfume, when I receive it, I’ll let you know how it smells.


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