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Dr.Halland’s “Pure Glow Laser Facial” combines the best of technology and skincare to give you a healthy glow.

Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate and refresh dry winter skin? I was. On my last trip to New York, after working long hours on a special work project at Lincoln Center, I was exhausted and my skin was showing the strain.  I went to see Dr. Halland to try the Pure Glow Laser Treatment. This cosmetic laser treatment is the ultimate high powered facial. The treatment exfoliates the skin and removes redness and dark spots.  If you’re in New York for Fashion Week or if you are near New York, this is a beauty treatment that works and that I highly recommend.  I was very impressed with Dr. Halland.  This is a doctor who truly cares about patients. He spent time with me looking at my skin before he did the procedure and doing a thorough intake evaluation on my skin, my medical history and medications.  I’ve had other spot laser treatments on my skin for scars, and those who treated me were not as thorough or careful with my skin as Dr. Halland.

The author before the Pure Glow Facial at Dr. Halland's office.

The author before the Pure Glow Facial at Dr. Halland’s office. (sun damage and discoloration are noticeable)

So what does the Pure Glow Laser Treatment consist of? The Pure Glow Facial  is a very specialized laser facial.   Dr. Halland uses a special glaze on the skin to activate the laser, and during the activation process when the glaze is vaporized  the laser removes the dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin.  After  a consultation with Dr. Halland,  his assistant thoroughly cleanses the skin.  After that, the patient’s eyes are covered for protection and the laser treatment begins.  On my skin, because I had used some Retinol cream several week before, Dr. Halland did a more conservative treatment with lower intensity laser.   Despite the lower setting, I still had terrific results.  (Remember, if you are going to have laser treatment or IPL on your skin, you should stop using Retinols 10-12 weeks before treatment.  To be safe, check with your Doctor before you go in for the treatment.)

As the laser is used on your skin, it is not painful.  The laser  feels  like the sensation of  a few pin pricks on the skin.    At times, it may startle you, but it’s very easy to lie still for the treatment and there is no discomfort.  As the treatment is performed, Dr. Halland checked in with me to see how I was doing.  He used the laser for a deep exfoliating treatment on my skin.  He also spent some time working on some small acne scars, broken veins and a bit of sun damage from living in California for almost 20 years.  He can also use the laser to effectively reduce large pores, stopping blackheads from settling in.

After facial

The Author after the Pure Glow facial: the redness is gone and the skin looks refreshed.

The treatment lasts between 15-20 minutes.  After the treatment, the doctor’s assistant put a  cooling green tea cream on my face to cool the skin. There was no discomfort and unlike some other treatments I have had, there was no burning sensation.   All the peeling, flaking winter skin I had was literally erased.  Fine lines are diminished as a few large pores on my cheeks are visibly smaller. After the treatment, there was a noticeable reduction in redness around my lips, cheeks and nose.   Those skin tone in the areas in now even and the little blotches I had are gone.  After the treatment, Dr. Halland explained the changes, “Your skin has more of an even texture , and is one color. Instead of having more variance and shadow, which can actually create the illusion of looking older, your skin tone is now even.”  He also explained that you can have the laser treatment not just on your face, but on other areas of your body like your neck or your décolletage to reduce the appearance of wrinkes or sunspots.  Some people also have gone to Dr. Halland  to have the skin on the back of their hands treated with the laser.

After the treatment, I went back to my hotel and did some writing and even took a nap.  That night I went out to dinner with friends who commented on my glowing skin.  For several days after the treament my  skin looked radiant.  It’s now been three weeks since I had the treatment, and my skin still looks amazing.

Since the treatment, I’ve been careful not to expose my skin to strong sun. I’ve been wearing SPF 50 to 70 and wearing hats when I’m outside.   Avoiding sun exposure and wearing sunscreen are very important after this treatment.

The Pure Glow Facial is repeatable, just like a regular facial, you can have it every few months or every 6 weeks.  It can be part of a regular beauty routine.

Overall, I would highly recommend this treatment to my readers, it’s non-invasive, there’s not downtime and it’s performed with skill and state of the art equipment.  I will go see Dr. Hall and now everytime  I am in New York on business to keep my skin refreshed an looking great.  For more information on Dr. Halland and the Pure Glow Laser Treatment, visit the Dr. Halland’s website  or call his office at (212) 464-8772

The Pure Glow Facial is priced at $350.00 which is cheaper than an IPL facial.   Discounts are available if you buy a package of treatments, so three treatments are $900.00. According to Dr. Halland, the Pure Glow Facial differs from the IPL treatment because it provides deeper exfoliation and stimulation of the skin’s connective tissue.  The Pure Glow Facial is also more customized than the IPL because the laser used  has a wider range of settings.


Dr. Halland.

Dr. Halland.


About Dr.Halland

In addition to his cosmetic work, Dr. Halland is a Pain Management specialist. He is focused on non-surgical knee and spine treatments, with a special emphasis on Regenerative Medicine and organic options through the use of PRP, Stem Cells and natural supplements.

He applies his unique techniques for patients to address sports injuries, pain management conditions, & cosmetic anti-aging.

He is a Specialist for injection therapy and minimally invasive techniques.  Dr. Halland is dedicated to making his patients both feel healthy and look healthy.


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    That’s a great recommendation. I am glad you compared it to an IPL so that people know what it is not.