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Review: Saavy Naturals Soaps and Beauty Products

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Saavy Naturals Soaps & Lotions are all natural, gluten free & cruelty free.

You may have seen the couple behind Saavy Naturals this week on Shark Tank and be wondering are the products any good? Well, the answer is yes, they are amazing.  The most amazing thing about all the products is their enticing scents. I have been using the Mango Papaya and Green Tea and Lime soaps for a few months.  An added bonus is the bars of soap make the whole bathroom smell great. They add to the decor too with their colorful and very generous sized bars displayed in a nice soap dish.   Best of all there is no soapy build-up or residue after washing your hands or your body with Saavy Naturals.  The only thing that lingers after using the product, is the light fruity fragrance on your skin.  

Saavy Naturals Soap, Scrub and Lotion.

The price for a bar of these great smelling soaps is just $6.00.  I’ve also tried the Bulgarian Rose lotion and one of the candles.  All the products are fragrant and create a soothing environment.   The candles are extremely fragrant and burn for up to 37 hours, a good deal for $15.00.    The exfoliating scrubs are edible because they are sugar mixed with natural oils.  I did try a taste of the Mango Papaya scrub, and while it’s not exactly candy, it’s very pleasant tasting.    You can eat them, because there are no harmful ingredients in this natural scrubs, in short nothing will make you sick.  You wouldn’t dare try that with some of the plastic microbead  exfoliant scrub products,  recently outlawed for destroying the coral reefs and hurting fish and other marine life.


The Saavy Naturals mantra, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free and biodegradable pictured alongside my Green Tea soap.

All Saavy Natural products are made in the USA.  In Southern California, look for the products at Whole Foods stores. Online you can find Saavy Naturals at Amazon and on their own website.  Now that Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank has said she will invests $200,000 in Saavy Naturals, it will be interesting to see what happens to these all natural products.  I hope the quality stays the same.  If you’re interested in trying Saavy Naturals you can save 25% off until Jan. 30, 2016 on their website with code SHARKTANK.


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