Spanx Jeans Coming for July 2014: Fashionable but Wearable?

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Spanx products on display. Photo By Courtesy Photo

Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) reports that Spanx is expanding into the Denim market. Spanx, the modern day version of the girdle/corset,  is now going to manufacture jeans designed to streamline a women’s curves. I’m holding my breath to see these…literally. I love how I look when I wear Spanx, but seriously, I have trouble breathing in them, especially if I wear them all day under a suit or dress for a business meeting.  Several years ago, I wore a gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld dress, with Spanx underneath,  to a special event from 9 am to 8 pm.  By 5 pm, I thought I was going to die, they were so uncomfortable.  They may be uncomfortable, but you can’t argue with the results.  In my experience, Spanx makes everything look and drape better on the body.  Here’s the news on the new Spanx Jeans, coming to stores in July ’14.

From WWD.” Spanx will offer two styles of jeans: the Signature, a high, wide waistband with a side zipper designed for a smooth fit and a 10.5-inch rise, and the Slim X, a traditional five-pocket jean with a stomach control panel and a 9.25-inch rise. They will be offered for $148 in skinny, straight and boot-cut silhouettes in a cotton, polyester and Lycra blend.”  No word yet on whether or not Spanx jeans will have pockets to house items like cell phone or car keys.  

In my opinion, this description of the Spanx jeans, with the “control panel”  sounds a little bit like Not My Daughter’s Jeans.  Right now Spanx offers leggings at retailers like Nordstrom.  It will be interesting to see how the new jeans fit and feel.   Back in January 2014, Huffington Post and other news outlets published articles on how Spanx and other shapewear actually squeeze your organs and compress your bowels.   That’s not healthy.  So what will that compression be like in a pair of jeans, since most of us live in our jeans and wear them all day?

We’ll post more come July after we’ve seen Spanx Jeans and tried on a pair.


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