Christopher Kane and Alex Monroe Launch Beauty & the Beast Collections

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The launch of the new Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” brings with it the inevitable merchandising.  We’ve seen this before with the Cinderella movie last year and the OZ movie, which spawned a whole line on HSN.  But, the fashions from British designers Christopher Kane and Alex Monroe are way more than movie merchandise, they are beautiful. If you don’t believe us, check out the pictures–be our guest 🙂 Sorry we couldn’t resist that little pun.

The Christopher Kane Beauty & the Beast collection features many of the fairy tales classic symbols including roses, tea cups and princess type touches lie bows and pastel colored dresses. The fabrication of the collection offers a unique twist, they are made with sustainable materials using ethical sourcing. Eco-Age is the brainchild of Livonia Firth.  Two pieces from the collection the organic cotton Photographic Rose t-shirt, and the Swiss Rose Lace dress are particularly stunning.

Rose Lace Christopher Kane dress

Christopher Kane‘s Swiss Rose Lace dress inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The Rose Lace dress was custom designed with certified Swiss lace and embroidered roses overlaying organic silk.

Photographic Rose t-shirt from the Beauty & the Beast line.

Christopher Kane’s Photographic Rose t-shirt from the Beauty & the Beast line.

According to Eco-Age, “The Photographic Rose t-shirt has been made in Italy from certified organic cotton, and embellished with Advanced Crystals from Swarovski, who Christopher Kane has worked with for 10 years, building a strong partnership as the brand has developed. The Swarovski crystal embellishments have been used throughout the Photographic Rose jersey story.”

Necklace from Christopher Kane's Beauty & the Beast collection.

The Romantic Necklace from Christopher Kane’s Beauty & the Beast collection.

Look for the collection on sale at Selfridges, The Webster Costa Mesa and Christopher Kane on March 16, 2017.

The jewelry pieces designed by Alex Monroe feature motif items from the film like roses on ring, candlesticks on earrings and tea pots on pendants.

Alex Monroe Beauty & the Beast pendants

The detail work on the Alex Monroe Beauty & the Beast pendants is incredible.

The fine work on the jewelry even includes some of the fairy tale’s trademark phrases engraved on the pendant’s, like “Tale as Old as Time.”  The jewelry is scheduled to go on sale on March 15, 2017.


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